How Quarterbacks can make a Splash this Summer!


Summertime!! We are just a step closer to Fall, and for many of you athletes this is the perfect time for you to lay around at the pool and play video games with your buddies… WRONG! 

We love the summertime and yes you can enjoy it too! However, these are also great opportunities for you to further develop into the quarterback that you DREAM about! Do not be the woulda, shoulda, coulda type player this coming winter after your team goes 5-4 and misses the playoffs… or the person that is jealous of Jonny across town who has 10+ offers! Get off your behind and here are some tips to keep in mind as you enter Summer! 

  1. Put Down the Video Games!

I remember when Drew and I were in High School during the summer ( Gunner was roughly in middle school), we were lucky enough to have a father who hated video games! He called then “ rot your sole” games and stood for none of it … especially when the sun was out! We were so grateful looking back at this because it allowed us to go outside and MOVE, even create! We ran around with buddies between workouts, throwing sessions, and some much needed pool time which allowed us to continue to enjoy high school, but also get off our lazy butts! 

2. Team First! 

It can be difficult to think about this but, why do you play football? Is it to earn a scholarship to go receive a college degree? Is it because your dad played and you love to compete? 

These are the questions that we must ask and often times we forget the ultimate reason why 99% of people fall in love with the game…. THE TEAM! We play football because there are 10 guys out on the field WITH you. The success and failure is not based on 1 person, so treat it this way during the summer! We hear players and parents talk about summer plans every year which always tend to revolve around individual successes. We get it, recruiting is an animal and you have to go to these camps to give yourself a chance, but don’t forget why you want to play college football in the first place. 

As a quarterback the summer is the perfect time to take ownership of your team! Any coach would agree that they want their leaders out in front of lines and encouraging teammates get through workouts. All necessary accomplishments that have taken place on successful teams, but what about outside of showing up for team workouts?

A. Voluntary Throwing Sessions – 

Get your wide receivers to the field… or park , or gym! Wherever you guys can get some extra throwing in and continue to develop that rapport is key! Your guys need to count on you in the 4th quarter and there is no better way than to drag them to the field when it is 100 degrees on the scorching hot turf to prove that! 

B. Hang Out with Your Teammates

Enjoy your family! On and off the field. The summer is the perfect time to get guys together and this does not mean exclude the young guys or the offensive linemen! Yes, the lineman may smell bad, so maybe go hit the pool! Figure it out and be a teammate! 

3. Challenge Yourself and Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

It may be common sense, but technology is taking over our society. The ease of constant comparison with our peers is as simple as a thumb tap on our smartphones! So between getting off the video games, and hanging out with your teammates, you need to challenge yourself! You may be the best quarterback in the city, region, or even state, but is that all that you want?  

Do not be afraid to fail! Again, do not be afraid to fail! The 3 of us boys were lucky enough to grow up with parents who understood there are always better challenges out there even if you think you are the best. Camps… there are several all over the country, take advantage and get out of your comfort zone! 

4. Compete, Compete, Compete! 

There are no participation trophies on Friday or Saturday nights, so don’t change this mindset this summer! Lifting, running, throwing, … playing wiffleball, make sure that you are competing in everything! Have you ever heard of the phrase, winning is contagious? This summer make it your goal to be a competitor! These are values which can be used in your favor this Fall!

The Summertime is exciting for allof us! Football is wonderful in a sense of preparation arguably being more important than the actual games. It is one of the only sports where you train all year long for less than 20 games in a season! Take these tips into your summer and make it the best one yet as you prepare for your best football season yet! 

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Dusty Kiel, PT, DPT