The Top 5 Podcasts

It’s truly amazing how fast a year goes by. Dusty and I started The QB Docs Podcast one year ago and we are now 104 episodes in. We have had 27,000 downloads across a span of 50 countries. It’s been amazing to see the response. We truly thank any of you that are reading this that listen to the podcast as well. We have been able to talk to many great guests that surround the football arena from physical therapists to college coaches. We even got to talk to some yoga experts and strength and conditioning experts. With that said, we want to recap the top 5 downloaded podcast episodes from this past year.

#5 Sue Falsone Interview

Sue is an expert physical therapist and has niched down even further into overhead athletes. She gave a lot of great explanations on how the body is one big kinetic chain. One of her examples was how an issue in stability in the left foot can cause pain in the right shoulder. We were honored that she came on since we have followed her work for a long time. Her book “Bridging the Gap Between Rehab and Performance” is one of the best performance books that is out there. You better check it out! Listen to Sue’s podcast below!

#4 Jill Miller Interview

Jill is one of the smartest people that we know. She has made herself into an expert in everything regarding fascia and the nervous system. She has bridged the gap between the mind and body by having a deep understanding of how they relate to each other. In this episode, she broke down all the ways that football players can decrease anxiety, as well as recover at a faster rate for heightened performance. This needs to be listened to 3-4 times to get all the takeaways. Better tune in now by clicking the picture below!

#3 Drew McDuffie Interview

Remember the name Drew McDuffie. He is an up and coming strength and conditioning coach that works with quarterbacks specifically at Duke University. He has already been able to work with 2 first round draft picks in Deshaun Watson and Daniel Jones. He is really starting to piece a lot of things together for quarterbacks and is able to relate to these guys as well. He’s doing an incredible job for the guys over at Duke right now. Listen to his story below!

#2 Mike Cantrell Interview

Mike Cantrell is on another level when it comes to how brilliant he is. Mike works for the Postural Restoration Institute and is one of the lead instructors for the organization. His ability to connect the dots between how the nervous system dictates use of the musculoskeletal system is unlike any other person out there. This episode included some unbelievable takeaways and also some things that you might need to go back and listen to in order to understand. Don't worry, it will be worth going back to understand them! This is a must listen!

#1 Al Borges Interview

Coach Borges has been around coaching quarterbacks for years. He has coached several NFL quarterbacks and has even been around some national championship teams. He has taken a very deep dive into the quarterback position and even done many case studies on how to have success at the QB position. He’s a scientist when it comes to the QB position. This was definitely one of our favorites! Tune in below!

Once again, we want to thank y’all so much for the support in us doing our podcast! We feel that it is a platform in which we can help serve you better because of the information that is gathered for players, parents, and coaches. If you could please follow the link below and leave us a review, that would be greatly appreciated! These reviews help us to spread our message even further!

-Drew Kiel PT, DPT, CSCS