Being Doctors of Physical Therapy, The QB Docs are able to treat a player’s injuries as they inevitably arise. Playing through pain is something that players should not get used to, especially quarterbacks. These nagging types of injuries that quarterbacks experience at the knee, elbow, hip, low back, and shoulder are very common. If these nagging injuries persist, bigger problems can come down the road, which likely means surgery and missed time for the player.


The QB Docs have many tools in their toolbox to treat the pain that is common to quarterbacks. They use a mix of soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, neuromuscular re-education, therapeutic exercise, and scraping using SASTM tools to treat the localized area that is in pain. Once the localized area is treated, they then treat the whole system so the pain does not come back. Many times, it is not the actual joint that hurts that is causing the problem. The likely cause is above or below the joint that hurts and the QB Docs assess the system to see what they need to do in order to fix.

The QB Docs will make house visits for their players to perform these services which is extremely convenient for the players and parents. This could be extremely useful for players after games because the likelihood of getting banged up during a game is very high. The QB Docs believe that players should be in the least amount of pain as possible if they want to have success. Pain equals altered movement patterns, altered movement patterns equals more pain and less performance, and the cycle goes on and on. This cycle needs to be stopped before this pain becomes a chronic state or serious injury takes place.


We are extremely unique in that our educational background allows us to give a holistic approach for training the quarterback position. Along with private quarterback training and physical therapy, we also provide health and wellness programs for our clients that include counseling on diet choices, as well as programming for strength and conditioning programs.

Years ago, The QB Docs figured out that what you fuel your body with is just as important as the training that you are doing. The ability to dose nutrients at proper times, consuming the calories needed to fuel the system, and choose the proper nutrients is essential in becoming the athlete that he/she wants to be.

They also learned that a lot of the training that they were doing in the weight room was hurting their ability to perform at a high level at the quarterback position. The way a quarterback trains in the weight room is going to be extremely different than every other position on the field because the movement demands are much different. Often times, quarterbacks will perform the same exercises as all other positions which will develop stiffness in the shoulder and the hip, which become problems for performance and injury risk. Just like the quarterback specific training, the resistance training in the weight room needs to be very specific to meet the demands of the hardest position in sports.