Drew… You and Dusty have an amazing rapport with the athletes and their families. As a father and a coach I found your training concepts and your positive mental attitude to be among the best I have seen. Your work ethic and dedication to the kids was evident in every workout, homework and diet review. I traveled many states and attended many of the so called “top camps” for football and wrestling throughout my two sons (Jarrett & Jesse) high school and college careers and I literally had the best in my own backyard!
Kirk Brownfield

Drew worked with our son when he was first developing as a young quarterback. His footwork was non-existent when he started to work with Drew and now it’s one of his strengths which allows him to compete at the highest levels in High School. Drew combined quarterback experience with training knowledge to help strengthen our son physically to prepare him to compete. Drew also pushed our son mentally to be a leader at the quarterback position. Thanks to Drew and the Kiel family for all they’ve done for us!
Bethany Gremel

Dusty and Drew worked with my high school boys last year on football conditioning. They were super great to work with. They provided excellent customer service and the boys really liked working them. I especially appreciate their character and that they were excellent roll models for my sons.
Rebecca Rosenblatt

My son worked with both Drew and Dusty for several years. They are remarkable young men, providing excellent training that is second to none! More importantly, they were/are excellent role models and mentors!
Kelley England

Drew and Dusty did an amazing job training my boys. They are patient but firm and they know their stuff! They know how to encourage people while pushing them to do their best. Both of my son’s have worked with them and greatly benefited. They are just great people and role models as well. I would highly recommend them!
Lisa McCarter

Our son Kade has trained with Dusty for a year and a half and we couldn’t say more about him as a coach and mentor. He is always there to answer any questions Kade has had. K3 covers every aspect of nutrition, weight training programs, and quarterback mechanics. Dusty has been instrumental in the development of Kade at the qb position. Being part of the K3 family has been a wonderful experience for all of us.
Creigh Osborn

Drew worked with my son to improve his quarterback throwing mechanics, footwork, football IQ, leadership mindset and overall diet/training habits. We saw significant improvement in his arm strength and throwing accuracy during a series of off season training sessions. My son connected with Drew immediately and loved spending time working out with him. His personal background, education and life experiences set him apart from others in this field of work. Drew is a fantastic person with a strong work ethic. He is passionate about what he does and is focused on doing it the right way.
Warren Tayes

The QB Docs have provided tremendous leadership and guidance for my son. Not just from an athletic perspective but also from a mental approach. They set high expectations and instill work ethic that enables success on and off the field. When you work with people who are passionate and knowledgeable about what they do….GREAT THINGS HAPPEN!! Thanks a ton for teaching Cole the right way!
Steve Gilley

I’ve worked with Drew and Dusty many many times over the past 5-6 years. They have always helped to to improve my football performance. They keep the workouts fun and new while also getting in good work. I would recommend these guys to anyone. If you’re looking to be a better athlete, or simply wanting to improve your health and wellness, look these guys up!!
Markell Jones

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