The coronavirus is really putting a damper on day to day life for most people out there all over the world right now. During this pandemic, this has obviously freed up a lot of time for people. Instead of watching sports on TV, we have the next best thing. We want to bring you our top 3 podcast shows that we have had with head coaches in the college football world. These coaches were nice enough to give us some of their time to talk about their journeys on how they got to where they are, but also gave us a ton of behind the scenes info on success stories that their quarterbacks have had in college and then on in to the NFL. You don’t want to miss these 3 episodes as these coaches give out TONS of valuable information for coaches, players, and parents!

1. Purdue Head Coach Jeff Brohm

We had a great conversation with Purdue head coach Jeff Brohm on his experiences as a player and as a coach. Coach Brohm played at Louisville in which a great career propelled him into the NFL and then the XFL. Once his playing days were over, he took his experience to the coaching realm where he was the QB Coach and Offensive Coordinator for his alma mater Louisville. During his time at Louisville, he produced many great quarterbacks including his brother Brian (2nd round NFL QB) and Hunter Cantwell (undrafted free agent). In this episode, we cover his journey with the position and his specific ideology on what characteristics great quarterbacks possess. He also talks about how he calls games for his quarterbacks to aid in their success. This is full of great info. Click on the picture above to access it!

2. Duke University Head Coach David Cutcliffe

I don’t think I really need to say much about Coach Cutcliffe when it comes to his development of quarterbacks over the years. Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Tee Martin, and Daniel Jones are just a few of the several successful quarterbacks that Coach Cutcliffe has produced over the years. In this episode, Coach Cutcliffe talks about his very distinct manner in which he coaches his quarterbacks and also what he looks for in the quarterbacks that he brings into his program. His stories about the differences between the Manning brothers and how he coached them differently to get the most out of them was something very intriguing to hear. This is most definitely a must listen for any QB enthusiast out there! Click on the picture above!

3. Western Michigan Head Coach Tim Lester

This was Coach Lester’s second appearance on our show in which we dove into how technology is changing the way that the position is both played on the field, and also trained in the off season. Coach Lester was a fantastic QB at Western Michigan University where he actually held the record for most career passing yards for a QB for a short stint. He is one of the more cerebral coaches that we have talked to where he was spent a lot of time diving into the mechanics for the QB position. He has also spent a lot of time looking at how academic performance can carry over to success on the football field and how to test that in his players before he brings them to Western Michigan. This was a conversation that was had right after the passing of the bill that grants access for players to be paid starting next year. We get his take on how that affects programs. Make sure you click above to access it!

If you are a parent, player or coach out there, these are three conversations that you need to hear. Time is being freed up and people are trying to find things to do. Taking 3 hours to listen to these three conversations will automatically make you better! Everyone be safe out there during these trying times and God Bless!

-Drew Kiel PT, DPT CSCS