Over the course of time span of about ten years, us Kiel brothers were able to experience the college football recruiting process. This was a journey filled with many highs and lows in trying to learn what this process was all about. Ten years is a long time, so we were able to meet many people and gather a lot of information that was beneficial to make this process easier. I was a 2 star recruit and was fortunate enough to play at Illinois State. Fast forward five years to Gunner who was the number 1 quarterback in his class with the ability to go anywhere in the country. I would say that Gunner was a better player than I was, but the difference between our talent levels was not 3 stars in my mind. What was different was the process that was taken by Gunner vs the process that was taken by myself. Over the years, we started to understand the dynamic much better which allowed Gunner to have more opportunity. How much opportunity do you want to have? Well, we want to give you three extremely valuable resources to help you through this process starting now!

1. Steve Wiltfong Podcast Episode

Steve Wiltfong is the Director of Recruiting for 247 Sports, which is arguably the top high school football recruiting site in the country. Steve took time to dive into the gritty details of how they decide the star ratings and what these actually mean for universities. He also explains how parents and players should go about the process in trying to get recruited. He is fully transparent in this episode which will open a lot of eyes for parents and players. There’s a process that starts as early as 8th grade so you don’t want to miss this one on following the proper steps to take advantage of opportunities. Check it out below!!

2. QB Docs Podcast Episode 36: The Secrets of Recruiting

In this episode, we dive into areas of the recruiting process that we did very well, and also talk about a lot of things that we would go back and change if we could. There’s a lot of responsibility that lies on the player in the process that we talk about. Other topics include the types of camps that players need to attend, the responsibility of the head coach, and how to go about contacting coaches. 

3. Clint Brewster Podcast Episode

Clint Brewster is a former college QB and now talent evaluator for 247 sports. He goes into depth into what he is looking for when evaluating the quarterbacks that he sees at camps and in games. He also talks about what things he did specifically as a player in order to have the success that he did as a player during the recruiting process. This interview is filled with many useful nuggets that players and parents can use to help with the process!

We are now three weeks into the high school season. This is the time when college coaches want to see film from the first 3 games. Parents and players, use this information for your benefit in developing contacts, generating interest, and hopefully gaining opportunities. You have to be involved in the process to have success with the process. That is inevitable! We would love to help answer any questions that you have or redirect you to someone that can help with this process if need be. Find us at [email protected] or at 812-343-4226.

-Drew Kiel PT, DPT, CSCS