5 Exercises Every QB Can Perform at Home to Increase Performance

The coronavirus has taken the nation by storm the last few weeks and has left a lot of people quarantined in their homes with a great lack of ability to get their training in. This is especially true for you quarterbacks out there who usually train at your schools or local gyms that are now closed for the time being. Not to worry though! We have you covered. Today, we want to give you 5 exercises that anyone can do at home with minimal equipment that will greatly increase performance as a quarterback. Just because you are stuck inside doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to improve your craft. Check this out and get better today!

The Perfect Spring Break Workout For Quarterbacks

Spring break is coming up quick for a lot of you! This is super exciting, but a lot of you are asking the question “How am I going to train without any equipment?” We used to ask the same thing and spend $20 a day going to a local gym or a Gold’s Gym on a 3 day pass. There’s NO NEED to do that! Today, we want to give you the perfect weekly plan for a quarterback to sit back and relax a little during your break, but also be able to get some good work in to maintain all the gains that you have worked so hard for during the winter months. Check this out!

Balance Issues During the Throwing Motion?

We have recently received a lot of questions on how to improve balance during the throwing motion. It is always a very difficult question to answer because there could be a host of reasons why a quarterback would be having this balance issue. From a lack of stability in the pelvis or trunk to starting narrow in your pre pass position, there are just too many reasons to count. Since we are not able to take every single quarterback out there through our QB Performance Screen, we are going to talk about the MOST COMMON reasons why a quarterback would be falling off balance during the motion.

3 Videos To Start Fixing Your Throwing Mechanics Issues

One of the questions we get a lot of times is “Well, you guys put out so much content, but where do I first start if I’m a QB looking at your stuff?” That’s a pretty loaded question if you as me because it all depends on the specific impairments you present with as a QB, but we are going to do our best to give 3 videos of where to start this process of becoming a better QB. Have you been a bit overloaded on where to start? Look no further. Today, we will be helping you greatly.

5 Reasons Why Quarterbacks Should Not Bench Press

Most of you quarterbacks out there are well into your strength and conditioning programs at this point. The goal is to increase overall strength within the body that will specifically translate to higher performance on the field or court. This is an essential part of any athlete’s programming. The only problem is that we see a lot of wrong programming for quarterbacks of every level out there that is going to decrease their performance on the field and predispose them to higher injury rates. One of the exercises that we primarily see being done, and done the wrong way, is the bench press. Today, we are going to give you 5 reasons why all QB’s out there should not bench press and other variations of exercises to perform instead for better results.

Top 3 Podcasts For the QB Off Season

Top 3 Podcasts For the QB Off Season

It can be awfully overwhelming when trying to strategize a plan to start the off season program for a quarterback. Quarterbacks need to become stronger, faster, and bigger. They also need to get prepared to perform well at camps by getting their throws in and watching film. None of this happens if we don’t eat right, sleep right, and recover well. They are also trying to to develop these key habits to aid in overall performance. What do you do? Well, we got you covered! We are about 150 episodes into our podcast and we are going to give you our Top 3 Podcasts to point you in the right direction!