Where do I start?

It can be awfully overwhelming when trying to strategize a plan to start the off season program for a quarterback. Quarterbacks need to become stronger, faster, and bigger. They also need to get prepared to perform well at camps by getting their throws in and watching film. None of this happens if we don’t eat right, sleep right, and recover well. They are also trying to to develop these key habits to aid in overall performance. What do you do? Well, we got you covered! We are about 150 episodes into our podcast and we are going to give you our Top 3 Podcasts to point you in the right direction!

Podcast #1- QB Coach Eric Smith on Leadership

We were very fortunate to have QB Coach Eric Smith on to talk about the importance of leadership and ways of developing leadership as a QB and as a person. He makes many great points on how young players can start thinking about developing this skill, even if they are not the best player on the team. He also dives deep into the psychology of leadership and how to become someone who attracts others to him. If you are a QB out there that struggles to use your own personality to naturally lead your team, this podcast is for you! Check it out by clicking on the picture above!

Podcast #2- How to Develop a Proper Highlight Film

Through 10 years of making highlight films, we have gotten pretty good at knowing what coaches are looking for in a film. The length of the film, types of clips, sequencing of clips, and process in getting the film to a coach all matters. It can take literally minutes to develop a tape on hudl these days, but the question you have to ask yourself is “will the coaches like the tape that I have put together?” I takes a lot of time and effort. We have given you the guiding principles in this podcast episode. Click the picture above to check it out!

Podcast #3- Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon on Nutrition/Mindset

Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon is one of the sharpest minds that we have had on the podcast. She is a wealth of knowledge in everything regarding Nutrition and Mindset. We dove deep into how athletes can develop resiliency and grit, while also talking a lot about how depression/anxiety are not talked a lot about in sports such as football. Any person that has listens to this podcast will automatically become better as Krista articulates her thoughts and ideas very well. I have actually gone back and listened to this episode twice to gather all the little nuggets that Krista had to offer. Click above to check it out now!

As y’all get further into the off season, please realize that you need a system in place to become a better player. The game of football presents a list of challenges that you are not equipped to deal with by yourself. You are going to need to surround yourself with good people and gather as much good information along the way as you can to reach your peak potential. Listen to these 3 podcast episodes and become better right away! 

-Drew Kiel PT, DPT, CSCS