Tua Tagovailoa’s Injury In Depth

Many of you are wondering what is going on with Tua’s hip. The media does a great job of giving you just enough information to get you interested, but doesn’t give you enough information on the extent of the injury and what his prognosis looks like as well. Today, I want to dive into the mechanism of this injury and explain in depth what is going on with his hip. We will also take a dive into what his return looks like and if he will ever be able to step back on the football field as a premiere QB.

Why Parents Should Let Their Kids Fail

As soon as a child comes into the world, it’s every parent’s instinct to protect them from harm. The time that it takes to take care of them as a baby is extraordinary, then time goes by and they need less and less support for their daily lives. What if the parent remains protective though? What happens when parents want to shield their child from all the little harmful things that can happen during the course of pre-adolescence and even adolescence? Yes, the times have changed a little bit, but we need to understand the reasons why it’s ESSENTIAL for parents to put their kids in challenging situations. It’s not only essential to put them here, but also let them remain here for a period of time, even if that means failure in the end. In today’s blog post we put our focus on the modern child and why it’s important to take the reigns off of him/her for proper development.

Perfecting the Recruiting Process

Over the course of time span of about ten years, us Kiel brothers were able to experience the college football recruiting process. This was a journey filled with many highs and lows in trying to learn what this process was all about. Ten years is a long time, so we were able to meet many people and gather a lot of information that was beneficial to make this process easier. I was a 2 star recruit and was fortunate enough to play at Illinois State. Fast forward five years to Gunner who was the number 1 quarterback in his class with the ability to go anywhere in the country. I would say that Gunner was a better player than I was, but the difference between our talent levels was not 3 stars in my mind. What was different was the process that was taken by Gunner vs the process that was taken by myself. Over the years, we started to understand the dynamic much better which allowed Gunner to have more opportunity. How much opportunity do you want to have? Well, we want to give you three extremely valuable resources to help you through this process starting now!

Dealing With Knee Pain For Quarterbacks

The quarterback throwing motion is a very complex motion where athletes can tend to have a lot of issues if they aren’t taught the right things. As quarterbacks are developing their skills as throwers, it’s important to identify common problem areas where issues can arise. One of these areas is the knee on the plant leg of the quarterback. Pain in the knee can persist for long periods of time for quarterbacks if some of these dysfunctions aren’t cleaned up. Guess what though? There’s a pretty good chance that the knee isn’t even the primary issue that is causing the problem for the quarterbacks. Better read the rest of this blog post to see what we mean!

The Mystery of Tim Tebow’s Throwing Motion

Tim Tebow is arguably one of the best college football players to ever play. The special blend of his competitiveness, toughness, and physical prowess made him an unbelievable player. Tim was criticized at times in his career for his beliefs and even more so...