The Best Shoulder Warm Up For a Quarterback

One of the most common questions that we get asked on a consistent basis is “what is the best warm-up exercise to get the shoulder ready before throwing?” Whenever we hear this in a singular text, as if the shoulder was just one joint, we always want to educate that the shoulder girdle is one of the most complex joints in the body. It’s so complex that it is made up of four joints in which many of the muscles that surround the shoulder joint also attach to the shoulder blade (scapula). There’s actually 17 muscles that attach to the shoulder blade. Isn’t that amazing? Today, we want to give you a series of exercises that you can perform as part of your warm-up to get the shoulder girdle ready before you throw. This is a post that you don’t want to overlook!

The Most Critical Area of the Body For a Quarterback: The Torso

We get some great questions from people when they ask about the throwing motion. “How do I throw the ball further?” “How can I improve my accuracy?” What is the most important area of the body for a QB to improve his throwing motion?” The more that I get these questions, the more I realize that coaches and players don’t understand the important relationship between all three of these questions. Today, I will go in depth about the importance of a super critical area of the body and how improving this area will AUTOMATICALLY clean up accuracy and increase power.

What is True “Hip Dissociation” For Quarterbacks?

When thinking about the throwing motion, we often times hear the term “hip dissociation” when describing the sequence between the loading phase and acceleration phase. This term is often times essential for quarterbacks to perform in order to maximize performance in relation to power and accuracy. We would agree that this is most definitely important, but is it the most important concept when it comes to the throwing motion? How do quarterbacks get better at this skill if it is? Today, we want to describe what this term is actually referring to and where it falls in line in importance in the throwing motion!

How to “Throw in Rhythm” For Every Quarterback

The term “throwing in rhythm essentially means a QB taking a drop and throwing without taking a hitch at the back of his drop back. This can be a very challenging task for quarterbacks to perform, especially if they have some strength or stability problems throughout their body that can lead to decreased accuracy and power during throws. Check out today’s blog post on how to improve these specific areas so you can be better than your peers in this crucial area!

Why Shouldn’t Quarterbacks Barbell Bench Press, Power Clean, and Back Squat?

We have recently been publishing a lot of content on exercises that quarterbacks should and should not perform for peak performance, while they also decrease injury risk. The fine line between a “Quarterback Friendly exercise” and one that can do harm is very thin. There’s a lot of grey when it comes to certain lifts and exercises due to the individual demands that each individual player has. With that said, today we want to give you four very common exercises that are performed by most football players out there and variations off of those exercises. The results with these variations will be similar to that of the main exercise, but spare the body in ways that is beneficial to quarterbacks. You don’t want to miss this one folks! This is crucial, especially during this period of time in which training on your own is the only option.

5 Exercises Every QB Can Perform at Home to Increase Performance

The coronavirus has taken the nation by storm the last few weeks and has left a lot of people quarantined in their homes with a great lack of ability to get their training in. This is especially true for you quarterbacks out there who usually train at your schools or local gyms that are now closed for the time being. Not to worry though! We have you covered. Today, we want to give you 5 exercises that anyone can do at home with minimal equipment that will greatly increase performance as a quarterback. Just because you are stuck inside doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to improve your craft. Check this out and get better today!

The Perfect Spring Break Workout For Quarterbacks

Spring break is coming up quick for a lot of you! This is super exciting, but a lot of you are asking the question “How am I going to train without any equipment?” We used to ask the same thing and spend $20 a day going to a local gym or a Gold’s Gym on a 3 day pass. There’s NO NEED to do that! Today, we want to give you the perfect weekly plan for a quarterback to sit back and relax a little during your break, but also be able to get some good work in to maintain all the gains that you have worked so hard for during the winter months. Check this out!

Balance Issues During the Throwing Motion?

We have recently received a lot of questions on how to improve balance during the throwing motion. It is always a very difficult question to answer because there could be a host of reasons why a quarterback would be having this balance issue. From a lack of stability in the pelvis or trunk to starting narrow in your pre pass position, there are just too many reasons to count. Since we are not able to take every single quarterback out there through our QB Performance Screen, we are going to talk about the MOST COMMON reasons why a quarterback would be falling off balance during the motion.

“Dear Dad”: The Letter Every Youth Athlete Wants to Write and Can’t

“Dear Dad”: The Letter Every Youth Athlete Wants to Write and Can’t

Being a parent has to be a very challenging task. From the time that a child comes into the world, the child relies on the parent for nurture and care. For the parent of a child that gets into sports, this process can start to become crazy. Running kids to practices, buying equipment, and spending time at games are all parts of being a sports family. Life happens fast and in today’s society, it happens faster and faster. As a parent, have you stopped to think about how your child is doing though and actually paid attention? Not the front they are putting on, but the actual well being of your child as a youth athlete. Do they enjoy playing? What type of feedback are you giving them? Are you basing your emotional reactions off of the outcome of their play? Being able to take a broad view as a coach and as a former player, I want to articulate your child’s thoughts and emotions into a “hypothetical letter” if they were to write you one.