3 Videos To Start Fixing Your Throwing Mechanics Issues

One of the questions we get a lot of times is “Well, you guys put out so much content, but where do I first start if I’m a QB looking at your stuff?” That’s a pretty loaded question if you as me because it all depends on the specific impairments you present with as a QB, but we are going to do our best to give 3 videos of where to start this process of becoming a better QB. Have you been a bit overloaded on where to start? Look no further. Today, we will be helping you greatly.

Why Do Some Quarterbacks Struggle When Throwing to the Left?

From playing the position for years and now having coached the position for years, there’s a few questions I have always had as far as why so many quarterbacks presented with the same issues. One of these common issues that quarterbacks present with is the inability to throw as well to the left vs the right. Why would this be? Well, today we explain numerous reasons of why this would be and how to fix it!!

Top 3 Blog Posts of 2019

In a world where there is access to SO MUCH INFORMATION, it almost takes as much time sifting through all of it to understand what is actual good information vs being able to use all of what is found for your own good. In the world of QB coaching, this couldn’t be more true. The drills, techniques, and teachings are almost never backed by a true reasoning of “why” they are being done. Because of this, we are going to list our Top 3 blog posts of 2019! These 3 blog posts give a ton of valuable information on the journey to being a great quarterback or quarterback coach. Better check these out below!

How to Develop the Young Athlete Properly

The world has changed greatly over the past 15-20 years. Technology has boomed at a pace in which nearly every single person over the age of 10 has a small computer in their hands. The age of information is at its peak, but this can also be a double edged sword. This has changed the landscape in which children are raised and has high influence over young people’s lives where they crave playing video games and scrolling through social media. There has never been a time in the world where instant gratification has been so prominent in young people’s lives. What does this mean for young athletes though? With the performance demand being so high and children lacking the traits to build performance (a lot of these mental), we are seeing a huge increase in instances of mental illness such as anxiety, depression, and even suicide. Today, I want to talk about the development continuum of an athlete through the course of pre-adolescence and adolescence. We will cover both the physical and mental aspects of children and teens during these critical times and how to take advantage of their biology for peak performance.

5 Reasons Why Quarterbacks Should Not Bench Press

Most of you quarterbacks out there are well into your strength and conditioning programs at this point. The goal is to increase overall strength within the body that will specifically translate to higher performance on the field or court. This is an essential part of any athlete’s programming. The only problem is that we see a lot of wrong programming for quarterbacks of every level out there that is going to decrease their performance on the field and predispose them to higher injury rates. One of the exercises that we primarily see being done, and done the wrong way, is the bench press. Today, we are going to give you 5 reasons why all QB’s out there should not bench press and other variations of exercises to perform instead for better results.

QB Teaching Myths

When speaking to another QB coach or movement expert about throwing mechanics, I tend to tread lightly. Some QB coaches believe that every quarterback should throw the ball the same exact way and that there is only one way to throw most efficiently. This happens to be VERY WRONG because as human beings we are very complex in nature. We are complex in the way that we learn movement patterns over the course of our lives, we are complex in the way our systems are made up, and we are complex in the ways that our brains interpret information. As a coach may know a proper strategy to increase efficiency in the throwing motion, it is up to him to decide if that teaching: 1.) Can be learned and performed 2.) Is the proper teaching for this specific individual 3.) Is making a difference over time due to effective measurement of the skill trying to be attained. Today, I want to debunk some of the common quarterback teachings that are out there and give a different perspective for QB coaches out there that are trying to make their players better.

Lateral Chain Stability For Quarterbacks

I recently had a discussion with a group of quarterbacks on some of the common teachings that are out there now around the quarterback position. There’s two teachings that I think are quite unique that are being taught on a regular basis right now. The first is to drag the drive foot and to allow it to trail. The next is to cross the off arm across the chest during the follow through to keep the torso upright. The main reason on why these are being taught is to maintain balance throughout the throwing motion because quarterbacks are “out of control.” Today, we will dive into the main cause that’s causing this imbalance and why development of the lateral chain stabilizers are so extremely important for a quarterback during his motion.

Top 5 Podcasts of 2019

Top 5 Podcasts of 2019

Where has the time gone? Can you believe that 2020 is here? Even saying the year 2020 sounds like we are really far into the future. Over the past year we have had on a countless number of great guests on our podcast called “The QB Docs Podcast.” We have gone over topics that range from mental health in young males to how to build the perfect highlight tape during the recruiting process. All of these conversations have been extremely enjoyable, but today we are going to recap the top 5 downloaded podcast episodes from 2019.

4 Nutrition Tips For Increased Physical Performance

This time of the year was often times our favorite whenever we were still playing because we could now focus on getting bigger, faster, and stronger. This included many training sessions with loud music and tons of squats, presses, and deadlifts. One thing we didn’t take that seriously while we were playing was the importance of what we put in our bodies and how it affected our ability to improve our physical traits. Today, we give 4 tips on ways to improve your ability to get bigger, faster, and stronger this off season. You don’t want to miss this read!

Top 3 Podcasts For the QB Off Season

Top 3 Podcasts For the QB Off Season

It can be awfully overwhelming when trying to strategize a plan to start the off season program for a quarterback. Quarterbacks need to become stronger, faster, and bigger. They also need to get prepared to perform well at camps by getting their throws in and watching film. None of this happens if we don’t eat right, sleep right, and recover well. They are also trying to to develop these key habits to aid in overall performance. What do you do? Well, we got you covered! We are about 150 episodes into our podcast and we are going to give you our Top 3 Podcasts to point you in the right direction!